Neuerungen in Rift: Patch 1.4

Update: Die Patchnotes sind auch auf deutsch verfügbar.

Update: Der Patch verzögert sich wegen einigen Problemen auf den US Shards. Gut dass wir unsere Betatester haben. 😉

Rift 1.4 ist heute auf die nordamerikanischen Shards aufgespielt worden. Die vollen Patchnotes auf englisch gibt es im Rift-Forum. Morgen wird dann der Patch auch nach Europa kommen, Grund genug für mich nach meiner Riftpause die Patchnotes mal genauer zu lesen. Die Punkte, die ich besonders interessant fand, hab ich hier mal zusammengestellt:


  • The armies of the Ascended can now open special PvP rifts at Rift Raid locations. Opening these rifts secures sourcestone for your faction, but also leaves you open to attack from enemies! Keep the rift open as long as you can to gain the most rewards – or close your enemy’s rift for additional bonuses!
  • PvP Rifts can be opened at Raid Tears in Shimmersand, Iron Pine Peak, and Stillmoor. Only one per zone can be opened at any time, for a total of three active PvP Rifts at a time.


  • Capture three Sourcestone from the field and hold them at your base to win. Beware though; Sourcestone can be stolen directly from your base by the enemy.
  • Alternate-mode Warfronts appear on weekends and are highlighted in the Warfront queue UI when available. These Warfronts grant double awards while available.


  • The Looking for Group tool now includes queues from the other shards within your battlegroup when forming instance groups.
  • Cross-shard players are indicated the same way as in Warfronts – Name@Shard.
  • You cannot trade items or coin to players from another shard. This includes Bind on Pickup items under the 30 minute trade window after looting.


  • Repeatable quests (daily, weekly, etc) no longer count against the 25-quest limit in the quest log.
  • Collected quest items that are placed in your bank now count toward the total required for the quest and will be withdrawn when the quest is turned in.
  • All characters now have a ‚quest bag‘ attached to their quest log which holds items that are either gained during or required for quests the character is currently on.


  • Bind on Pickup items can now be traded to other eligible characters within 30 minutes of looting the item.
  • New items added to your bags (from looting, trading, etc.) are now highlighted in the bag UI the first time they are seen. Once you close the bag for the first time after obtaining a new item, the highlight is removed.


  • You can now jump into Warfronts while remaining in the LFG queue and will still receive LFG queue popups.


  • Cache Finder now offers a 15-45% chance to gain an additional Plaque or Mark when defeating an Expert Dungeon or Raid Boss.


  • Rift consumables now drop in only three ranks rather than five. The first comes from Rift content from levels 1-29, and the other two drop from level 30+ content and are based on player level. Characters of level 30-39 receive the second rank of consumables, and 40-50 receive the third.
  • Hit points for zone event colossi now scale based on zone population.


  • Addressing issues with healing in PVP focusing on instant and passive healing, reducing the effectiveness of healing for targets involved in PVP combat.


  • 1.4 will introduce a number of changes to make acquiring PvP gear more enjoyable. Players will now be able to upgrade PvP store items more frequently without needing to hoard Favor to purchase high rank items.
  • Prestige Rank 7 and 8 are now available. New armor sets are available in Meridian and Sanctum.
  • Converted the costs on rank 34 and 56 Armor and Weapons to use Marks of Retribution and require the previous set’s items to purchase the upgrade.


  • New recipes are available on the Armorsmith, Outfitter, Weaponsmith, and Artificer artisan store merchants. These are new Epic crafted items with set bonuses. Each set includes 2 pieces of armor, 1 weapon, and 1 ring to complete the set. Recipes can be purchased for Plaques.
  • Recipes for new materials are available from the various profession trainers for 20 platinum – Enchanted Shadethorn Lumber, Tempered Orichalcum Bar, Steel-Stitched Leather, Bolt of Radiant Witchweave, and Infinite Essence. Each recipe has a 24 hour cooldown and are used in new production recipes.


  • The Achievements window now allows you to see what rewards you receive for completing a selected achievement.


  • You can now customize overhead nameplate colors for various types of players and NPCs via the Settings panel.
  • Alongside the ability to set new custom colors for group and raid members, the default color for group, raid, and guild member overhead nameplates has returned to green. This can be customized at any time via the Settings panel under Interface.
  • There is now a „Take All“ button when reading mail with attachments. Also touched up the Mail UI buttons in general.
  • Fixed buff/debuff tooltips not displaying a description of the effect.
  • Calling Trainers for other Callings will no longer be displayed on your minimap.
  • Optimized the Guild Roster pane to handle showing offline members for very large guilds without breaking things. I’m looking at you, Epic.
  • Using the ESC key to cancel an in-progress chat window message no longer cancels the resurrection confirmation window.


  • When combat logging to a text file is enabled, the Rift client will no longer open and close the log file for every line written. Instead, it will leave the file open and flush new data every half second. The interval for flushes can be tuned in rift.cfg with the CombatLogFileFlushInterval value.